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I have a little buck who is now 3 weeks old. I have had him for 2 weeks now, been feeding him kid milk replacer 8oz 4xs (sometimes 3 when my schedule is too tight) a day. He's been doing wonderfully! I have him in a pen with two does that are 3 mos old. Yesterday at his morning feeding all went well, then at his noon feeding he ate a little slower (no biggie), third feeding he only ate half then acted totally uninterested, fourth he did the same thing. I noticed yesterday afternoon that he acted kind of listless, i assumed he was just tired from his extra playtime. But this morning that he had a runny stool which was new bc he had started having more solid stools. He's urinating fine though. I've also seen him grind his teeth a couple of times. Is this cause for alarm or am I just noticing & amplifying every little thing bc he's my first little buck??

You should be alarmed. Grinding teeth is a sign of pain. He may have coccidiosis, one of the most common problems in kids this age. I would give him a bottle of electrolytes for the next feeding, in case he is having a problem with the milk replacer. (I don't usually use it, because I have had too many problems with kids getting sick on it.) To be on the safe side, I would get some sulfadimethoxine, or call a vet and get some Albon, and start treating with that. It will kill coccidia, if that is what it is. If you don't want to treat on a guess, then take a stool sample to the vet to determine what is going on. You can also give some kaolin pectin, to firm up the stool. Also take his temp; vet will want to know that. You need to move fast because kids can go downhill quickly. And the doelings could be shedding coccidia eggs, but already be somewhat resistant. Good luck.


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