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Good Afternoon Donna,
I heard u were on vacation i hope u thoroughly enjoyed your vacation! I hope alls well.. Baby jiggy is doing just fine along with momma.. We still don't know the sex of the kid but my sister thinks its a girl. Anyways i have a question Re: The birds. U know i'm giving them scratch feed with cracked corn & something else thats mixed in & i heard they love mealworms so i went online at jefferslivestock to get some dehydrated mealworms & so far everyday i mixed it with their scratch feed & sometimes i sprinkle it on the ground so they can look for it to eat & mind u it costs a fortune for a 7 oz. bag $ 16.95 wheww!.. However i heard that too much is not good for them is this true? When i googled mealworms for hens & roosters they said they buy these for them to eat as snacks ONLY.. So i was just wondering. I don't want them to get sick.. I also bought shelled sunflower seeds & i mixed it with the scratch feed today & they did not touch it AT ALL! Oh boy i guess i'm spoiling them like i did Migi & if these mealworm munchies are to be eaten only as snacks i better STOP feeding them everyday.. They do however eat their srcatch feed but i guess b/c i put the sunflower seeds in they didn't even eat the scratch feed. Also Donna u know its been so windy this whole week & u know Henry & Henrietta roosts up in the tree & one of the branch perch is kinda weak & wobbly due to the wind making it weak & Henry fell twice yesterday but flew back up on the tree.. I thought hens & roosters have firm grip on their feet? Yes/No?? & don't fall off their perches? So we're going to try to connect a wooden pole to see if that works. I feel sorry for henry b/c he his perch is about to give way. Any ideas would certainly be appreciated. Thanks Donna! Luv to u & the goats!

Me & Migi & the birds

Hi there. Nice time off, yes. Chickens are not made really to perch on small limbs. Re their food. Sometimes it takes a while for chickens to get used to new food.  We feed ours a combination of cracked corn and a chicken crumble feed with some bread and lettuce on the side. Hope this helps. Love to all.


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