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QUESTION: Good Morning Donna,
U know Donna this will be day 2 since i've been observing Henrys attack & i've been telling u that both Henry & Henrietta roost together up in a tree in our yard and the girl hen is smart b/c when going up to the tree she jumps from the ground up to the fence & from the fence up to the tree, But as far as Henry goes b-4 his injury he flies from a farther distance which he had no problem doing b-4 his injury i assume its his wings. So now it breaks my heart b/c Henry now roosts in another of our neighbors yard & to get to the mango tree he needs to go into their yard with a dog thats loose & have killed many roosters & chickens in fact this dog killed Henrietta's sister. So my question is: Since Henry is having such a difficult time flying up the tree i was thinking if putting a ladder up to the tree would make it easier for Henry to roost instead of putting himself in harms way until i can get their coop. Yesterday i observed Henry he seems hesitant every time he crunches down ready for takeoff only to land on the ground so i think he's either still in shock or scared. I've been putting MIgis duramycin Antibiotic in Henrys drinking water just in case he has internal injuries that could turn into an infection but i haven't seen him drinking any water so far.. Let me know if he ladder is a good idea. Thanks Donna

Me & Migi & the birds

ANSWER: Sounds like Henry is still very cautious and sounds like he injured his wing(s).  Adding the duramycin to his water is an excellent idea.  Putting a ladder up for him may indeed make it easier for him to roost closer to Henrietta.  Thanks for the update.  Love to all - Donna

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QUESTION: Good Evening Donna,
Just updating - I remember telling u i put a ladder straight up to where Henry & Henrietta roost together okay the answer is he did go onto the ladder but came back down for some reason he was hesitant/being cautious so the first time he tried to fly he couldn't make it & fell to the ground. But i must say Henry is a fighter/gamer he doesn't give up!.. He tried a second time this time at a lower distance & landed onto the tree & made his way up to a different spot to roost w/Henrietta. So do u think w/time Henry will use the ladder & shall i keep it there just in case he needs it? Or shall i remove it. But i'm so glad that he's on our tree & in our yard where he's not putting himself in harms way & do u think that with time he'll be able to fly like he used to when his wing(s) gets better & healed? Thanks so much Donna for all the info u could provide to me... I luv u & appreciate for all u do for me. & let me know if u need anything from here (Hawaii).

Luv to u & the goats
Me & Migi & the birds.

Hi there - glad Henry is with Henrietta now.  You might leave the ladder there a few more days to see if he gets used to it and uses it.  I would expect that he will get stronger over the next few weeks.  Thanks for the update. Love to you all - Donna


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