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Goats/Scours in kid goats.


QUESTION: Hello, Im having trouble with scours in a kid goat. I have tried everything including, Pulling all grain and milk. Limiting her access to  Chaffhaye to a minimum. I,ve been giving her electrolytes every 4/6 hours. Kaolin Pectin every 2 hours. Sulmet Daily. She is active she has no fever. She is drinking on her own.She has been wormed twice and she has had her CD&T series. As well as Cocci prevention. My only thought is the Chaffhaye is to rich. Should we try  baled Timothy instead. I'm at a loss? Any suggestions. Thank you, Anna Hinton

ANSWER: It sounds like you have done just about everything you should. How old is the kid? How bad are the scours? I think you should try to switch her to timothy, and also see whether she will eat something like wheat straw or another type of roughage--fir or pine perhaps. The fact that she is active is a good sign.  But you do want to make sure that she is getting enough nutrition. If she is under 2 months, I would be tempted to try milk again, despite the scours, to ensure that she is getting what she needs. Is the cocci prevention in water or minerals? I know some of the mineral blocks can be pretty rich. Any chance she is getting too much of that?  The only other thing I can think of that you haven't done is to give her some probiotics. Good yogurt will work, or probios or another type you can get from a vet.

Let me know if anything changes or if there is anything else I can do to help.

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Since speaking with you there has been little change for the better if any.

She is a six week old doeling. She weighs 7 lbs. She is quiet petite.

I tried adding back the goats milk. It seems to make it worse. I switched to straight grass hay. I have been consistent with the kaolin pectin and the electrolytes every four hours. I pulled her from the milk again yesterday. Her diarrhea is very persistent and like straight liquid.

I started a three day round of banamine hoping that will calm the gut.Should I try a round of penicillin?

Today I decided to quarantine her with no access to food just the electrolytes for a 24 hour period. Is there anything more a vet could do for her?

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Anna Hinton

That is discouraging. A vet could do a stool sample and also test for Johnes disease, and also could rx a drug that you cannot buy, e.g., Trimethoprim, which is a broad spectrum antibiotic. If you don't yet want to go that route, I am wondered whether it might be a bacterial diarrhea. I have had good luck with the terramycin powder that you can mix up and drench. There is also a product called Biosol that is over the counter. It is neomycin and will stop diarrhea unless it is caused by coccidia. If it is coccidia, it could be that the sulmet (in water?) is not enough to really cure it. If you do use further antibiotics, make sure also to get probiotics for her.

Let me know what you find out.


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