I have an area which is 30' to 60' feet and in it, I wish to keep some goats for a good supply of milk. This leaves me with some questions.

I know that my area is a bit small so how many goats can I keep in such a limited area?

Concerning hooves, soil erosion and overgrazing, which animal is easier to keep, goat or sheep?


The standard is 15-20 feet per goat. I think no more than 3 goats, but you could get a lot of milk from them. Do they have an indoor area to stay at night? Sheep are harder on the land, causing more erosion and overgrazing, because they prefer the grass and pull out roots. Goats prefer brushy, woody plants and weeds. I have not had sheep, but I believe that goat hooves have to be trimmed more frequently. The people I know with sheep never trim the hooves. But hoof trimming is not difficult.


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