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Goats/4 month old with polio


Well we lost our battle Mothers Day night. She was just going down hill too much. Then she would have a good day and eat, then maybe not eat much for a few days. I even mixed up a bottle of Milk, corn syrup and an egg on Saturday. She ate some but I felt like she got a little in her lungs so I waited awhile and fed her a little several times. Sunday she did not respond to the Thiamine at all and just layed all day. I had her outside where it was really nice. She seemed to be in no pain and died in her sleep with her head layed back on her front leg. Was a hard loss as she was the best Doe we have ever had born here and lke all the others I have picked to be a winner for the kids in 4-H she was it for this year. I really hated to put her thru all that and loose her, but I had 2 Goat Vets and the Experts and we just couldn't fix it. Thanks for the help, Rick McWhirt.

Thanks for letting me know. I know it was a hard loss. It is so difficult to figure out when to let go, or whether you can turn things around. I have been through this so many times (although thankfully not lately). You did your best for her. Take care.


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