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Goats/4yr old very sick dwarf nigerian nanny


QUESTION: I have a 4 yr old dwarf nigerian nanny who has been very healthy up until about a month or so ago, she has went from 65# to about 30# she has very watery stool for a few days then it will go so a very soft pudding look it's a brownish greenish grey color, Vet told us to worm her every 2wks alternate with ivomec and safeguard we have done that, then we were told to give her corid for 5 days, did that nothing is helping, she eats very little hay a piece or two of whole wheat bread and licks a mineral block she is getting no better and with watery stool for this long she is getting very week oh I almost forgot penicillin 11/2cc for 5 days off 10 and another 5 on please help she was born here and is one of our babies and don't want to lose her. Thank you in advance. Wanda

ANSWER:  would you give me a call at 360-742-8310. I am away from my regular computer. Thanks donna

Would really like to talk with you as I have questions for you  it do have thoughts that might help. Please call. Thanks

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QUESTION: Hi Donna, I checked the eyelids this morning and they area white.

ANSWER: Thanks for the update. Sounds like either barber pole worm or liver fluke issue causing the symptoms. Would use safeguard oral horse wormer using measurement on tube at 250 mark, putting the lock there. Give once every 10 days for three dosings. This  horse wormer is availablet at mos at farm/feed stores. Liquid safeguard does not work well in goats bur the horse wormer paste does work well and will not hurt the goat. This will kill the worm/parasite. Now you need to treat for the anemia. Use of human oral iron tablets or Geritol liquid iron supplement works well for goats. Use double the human adult dose on either product  once a day. If you use thr tablets you will need to crush the  tablets and  dissolve in water, cool and then orally drench. Would continue this for 7 days, then every other day for another 7 days. Would also gice yogurt or other probiotic daily along with B complex vitamins that include B1, using 4 times the human dose  and again these shoulx be crushed and dissolved before giving to the goat. Would do the probiotics qnd B vitamins for 2 weeks.  I would look at lower inner eyelids to see more pink in color  y about 10 days to 2 weeks along improvement in eating. Hope this helps. Please feel free to call or email. Donna

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QUESTION: Thank you, I started everything this afternoon. I do have another question if you don't mind, we have a herd of about 100 goats pygmy and dwarf nigerian in 8 pastures, and all of a sudden we have a break out of pink eye right now we are treating 13 with betagen spray twice a day and it seem we have one or two new cases every day, how do you suggest we treat them or stop it from spreading.

Re the pink eye, not much you can do to keep it from spreading unless you can quarantine sick from healthy goats. I use NFZ Puffer, available online or at some feed stores. This a puff type anribiotic powder that you puff into the eys twce a day for 5 days. Treating with oral antibiotics can also work. Let me know. Donna


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