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HI!  I started out with 4 male goats.  I lost the lead goat about 6 weeks ago.  They are all the same age about 1 year and 3 months.  These are pets.  I am in the pen with them everyday.  After the lead goat died, the boer goat started being aggressive with me.  Almost like he is challenging me.  Unfortunately, he is the biggest and strongest.  I have been able to handle him so far, but it is hard trying to pet and visit the goats when I have to be on constant guard.  He will duck his head and try to maneuver me by using his horns.  Today he got a good lick in on my arm.  We have a platform in the pen that they like to lay and play on.  If I sit on the platform he will try to push me off.  I never let him win that game, but maybe I should.  I have been told to hit him with a stick or use a water gun and shoot his face with water.  Also was suggested to flick his ears with my fingers.  I can stand outside the pen and he loves to be petted. Usually he will settle down and not be as aggressive the longer I am in the pen.  So far he has not chased me but he will follow me around.  He will rear up on his hind legs and come down with his head pointed down, but never close enough to touch me.  The leader was my favorite and kept everyone in line.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  I guess it goes without saying that this is my first experience with goats.  I sometimes think that he is acting out because of his name:  Dexter.

I recommend the water gun or sprayer. Is he a wether or a buck? Hopefully a wether, otherwise you are in deep trouble when breeding season rolls around.

He is re-establishing the order, and he wants you below him rather than the alpha. He definitely has to be stopped, or won't make a good pet.

Good luck with the water. I have found it to be effective. The other option (which Raising Goats for Dummies covers) is training the good behavior with food and a clicker. When he acts good, he gets food with a click. Sprayed when bad.  


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