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Goats/Goat leaves chew side of mouth


Hi Donna! Gabriel from Puerto Rico back again!😊👍 . This time is not one of mine but a neighbor's . His goat , when chewing pasture, leaves a "chunk" of it in one of the sides of his mouth. He swallows the other but always leaves part of it on that cheek (you can actually see the "ball") . What can it be? What should we do?
Thanks again

Hi there. Sometimes a goat gets either an abscess inside the mouth that can cause the cud/food to stick in the side or it could be a molar that is rubbing against the inside of the mouth or it could an irritation to the inside of the mouth. If the goat is otherwise eating, drinking and looking well this could be a mouth issue. If the goat is not doing well then this good be a digestive issue. I would start. Y clearing out the leftover cud or food from the area by scooping out with your fingers, being careful not to get bitten, and then rinsing that area with warm salted water. Would do this as often as you can. This may be all that is needed to help, but if it gets worse let me know and I will give you more info. Donna


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