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I have a male goat 2 months old we got for 4-H. Just noticed today that when he urinates it just drips out. He will stand there for a few minutes as it drips then it will stop. Not sure what he has, can't get a hold of vet because it's sunday. Just wondering how dangerous it is. Was reading in my daughters goat book about urinary infections. Will he be ok till tomarrow afternoon when we can get him somewhere?

What feed regimen has he been on? If he has been on alfalfa and/or a dairy goat chow this could be urinary calculi.  Does he try to urinate often?  Any dark color to the drips?  Do you have any oral livestock antibiotics available to you now?  I would treat for both a urinary tract infection (with oral antibiotics and lots of liquids) and for urinary calculi if he is on the above mentioned feeds, and for that would use concentrated lemon juice at 1/2 cup per 75 pounds body weight given every 2 hours as an oral drench for three dosings.  Hope this helps - let me know.  Donna

To answer your question about waiting, if this is urinary calculi would not wait and if you have oral antibiotics or even injectable antibiotcs available would start him on these now.  


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