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Goats/Response after deworming


How long after an "effective" deworming can one expect to see previously loose stools firm up.
My questions assumes that:

1) there are no other underlying issues.
2) the wormer is effective as labeled.
3) the goat is otherwise healthy aside from a worm load heavy enough to loosen stools.

I would expect a change within a day or so. I don't think there is a set period of time, because there can be other factors, such as damage to the gut lining caused by the heavy parasite load. With a particularly heavy worm load, some veterinarians recommend repeating the deworming for three days, or 10 days later to make sure all the eggs are killed. Did you do a fecal, so you know that it is a heavy worm load? Other things can cause diarrhea. I usually treat the symptoms, too, by giving kaolin pectin. Another factor to consider may be that the parasites are resistant to the particular dewormer that is used.  


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