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Bad shoulder
Bad shoulder  
QUESTION: Hi, I am a woofer on a goat dairy and before I came here I had no experience with goats (but have fallen in love).  We have many kids this time of year and two days ago I noticed one of the young bucklings (about 3 months old now maybe) limping so I took him into his own pen.  It appears he has some kind of shoulder injury as his shoulder joint area is very swollen.  He doesnt really seem to be in a lot of pain as he eats and doesnt cry or anything but he wont put any or much weight on it.  Im not sure what happened but we put in new feeder shelf things and the younger goats tend to climb up in it and I have seen a few get their legs caught in it (changing them today because of this), so that might one thing.  Another is when I put him back in with the other goats after inspecting him one of the larger goats butted him really hard into the wall (so I took him back out).  I have been giving him one baby aspirin a day and lots of love but other than that I have no idea what to do.  Being that he is a boy at a dairy... he wont see a vet so his life is dependent on me.  And of course he is the sweetest one........  Any suggestions? pic is the area around the shoulder joint that seems to be the prob, not the lump that is showing in front more on his chest..that just seems to be pronounced like that because he is not using his leg (its not tumorous or anything)

ANSWER: When you push in on the area does it cause him any pain and/or does it seem soft or hard to touch? Is any of the area warm or hot to touch? Since he is eating and drinking I would doubt it is an infection, but would check his temperature if you could - anything over 102.5 F indicates a fever and that indicates an infection. If he was running a fever I would then start him on penicillin injectable at 3 cc/100 pounds twice a day for 7 days.  I am assuming from the photos (and thanks so much for sending photos) and the information you gave that he has a bad injury/sprain to that area.  Keeping him in his own small stall is a great idea.  One 325 mg human aspirin per 75 pounds every 4 hours is a dosage to help with pain, swelling, inflammation.  If this is an injury to the joint then it may take 2 or 3 weeks before you see the swelling go down and his putting weight on it.  Hope this helps.  Sounds like you are a very responsible goat caretaker.  Please keep me updated on the little guy.  Thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: Temp is 103.2. Doesn't seem too bothered when I poke/touch area which also doesn't feel hotter than the other leg. Thanks so much for your help x

Do you see any wound there?  Since he has a fever and there is swelling i would start on penicillin. Have you given intramuscular injections before? You can get penicillin over the counter at most feed stores. Use 20 gauge1\2 to 3\4 inch needles.  Would also put on aspirin more  often. Will also need to be on probiotics while on the antibiotic.  


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