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QUESTION: We have a kid, about 2 months now, and are feeding him whole milk. He got scours from replacer, gave corrid, fixed him right up. Just gave a CDT vaccine. He is really healthy now, skin is much better, pelleting, etc. Should we switch to replacer for the extra nutrients? Or leave well enough alone?


ANSWER: So he had green diarrhea?  Corrid is made for coccidiosis.  General brown scours are digestive upset and yellow is enterotoxemia.  Whole cow milk is generally not good for kid goats - the fat molecules are too large for their system to use and many times this causes scours.  Using an incorrect milk replacer (not made for goats) or some goats cannot tolerate the regular dosing of milk - too much can cause scours/diarrhea.  

With that said, glad he is better.  Is he eating hay and calf manna yet?  At about 3 weeks of age I start the kids on eating grass hay and calf manna (a small pelleted, easily digestible and full of good nutrients made for calves but works well for goat kids) at about one teaspoon per kid goat once a day and by 2 months of age they are eating hay well, eating about one tablespoon of the calf manna and drinking milk on the bottle still as well as drinking water.

I advise against cow milk, but know of many people who use it.  Is he growing well? Does he have a large stomach? Let me know - Donna

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It was green runny and nasty. Only one small mix of the corrid cured it. He was on goat replacer when we first got him. He was just so sick from the livestock market. He was given to my daughter for free.

He is eating hay really well, and drinking water. He has at least doubled maybe tripled his size since we got him. By your response I will switch to the replacer, would you say 2 bottles a day. We currently give 2-3 of the whole milk. His tummy seems to be normal size. I will also start the calf manna

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you have a done a great job on his care. When switching to milk replacer do so slowly, some cow milk and some replacer, going to full replacer in 7 days as long as he is tolerating it. Twice a day at 8 to 10 ounces is a good start. Hope this helps. Donna


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