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Goats/swollen lower leg on goat .


Hi Donna , I have a 2 year old Saanen / Alpine , that has a very swollen lower front leg . She holds it up all the time and hobbles around on three legs . She is eating good and all else seems normal . I checked for a possible wound , maybe a nail or glass cut on her hoof , but I think it may be  a severe sprain or even a fracture . It is nice and straight , she doesn't like it touched at all , and if I press any she let's me know it hurts . Started her on Noramycin , active ingredient Oxytetracycline , Is there any more I should be doing ? Don't really think it is an infection as it isn't spreading past the lower limb .

Has her feed regimen changed recently?  Is the area warm or hot to touch? What is her temperature? Anything above 102.5 would indicate a fever and that would indicate an infection.  If she has been put on more or higher protein feed that could cause a laminitis.  This certainly could just be an injury.  Was she having difficulty with the leg before it became swollen?

I would start her on penicillin injectable at 3 cc per 100 pounds twice a day for 7 days - have you given intramuscular injections?  If not, use of the rear thigh muscles is best using a 20 gauge 1/2 inch length needle.  All antibiotics should be given intramuscularly.  At the same time as any antibiotic therapy the goat also must have probiotics - I use yogurt at one tablespoon for an adult goat - any flavor of yogurt - mix with a little water to thin so you can give as an oral drench, once a day while on antibiotics.  I would also start on human aspirin - one 325 mg human aspirin per 100 pound body weight given every 4 to 6 hours for pain and swelling - you need to crush the aspirin tablet(s) and dissolve in a little hot water, cool and give as an oral drench.  Let me know the answers to the above questions when convenient - thanks - Donna

PS I generally use only penicillin as my antibiotic of choice for all livestock (available over the counter at most all feed/farm stores).  Oxytetracycline is okay but many times does not cure the infection.  


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