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I have a 3 year old nigerian dwarf male. He has had diahreah for the past few weeks. And is starting to loose a lot of weight.  i have given him probios and worm medicine and it does not seem to help. He will not eat any of his food, but will eat hay,grasses, and some fruits and veggies.  He looks like he is getting week, I do not know what else to do for him. There are no other goats or cattle.

Are you treating him for the diarrhea? If not, I would get some kaolin pectin and treat him with that. It is like pepto-bismol. Also, get some fortified vitamin B complex and give him an injection; it helps soothe the gut and help his appetite. If you are talking about him not eating grain, that is all right. A wether should not have grain. He should eat all the other things you mention and you should find some good roughage for him to eat--pine (not ponderosa) or fir, or blackberry bushes, something like that. Does he have goat minerals? Those are also essential to keep him in good health. If he is not drinking enough, you can spray some salt water on his hay, or give him some salted corn chips to increase his thirst. Also, warm water is best and you could even try some grape juice concentrate in it, or a little bit of molasses.

One other question: What kind of dewormer did you use, how did you give it and how much? Let me know.


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