1. From the majority of people's point of view, which animal has the more delicious milk? Sheep or goat?

2. From these two animals, which animal produces more milk?

3. Which animal is easier to take care for?


Hello, Jem.

1. I think most people prefer goat milk to sheep milk, considering that more people drink it. I have not tried sheep milk, other than as feta cheese.

2. Goats that are raised for milking have more milk than sheep. Although there are dairy sheep, there are more dairy goats. More sheep are raised for meat or fiber.

3. Goats eat more things and need a more varied diet. They are also easier on the environment because they do not pull grass out by the roots like sheep do. They prefer small shrubs and woody plants. Goats are more curious and more likely to escape from their confinement than sheep. But they are also smarter. I think it depends on your needs and situation which is easier. I prefer goats because of their personalities.

I hope that This was helpful, if not directly answering your questions.


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