I've often heard that goat milk is better than cow milk, but 2nd to sheep milk. But a cousin of mine said that goat milk is pretty 'stinky' and has an artificial type of taste. I understand that goats are by nature pretty stinky animals but how do we remove this scent from goats and their milk?

Lonely goats can be a nuisance so what is the best size of a herd of goats? Is keeping a buck with the goats a good idea?


Goat milk is not "stinky" unless you raise the females with the males. My goats give great sweet milk.

You are mistaken that goats have a bad odor. Even the bucks  do not smell bad when it is not breeding season. Either do not keep bucks or keep them separate from the does. You can have just two does and they will be fine together. THen you need to know someone with a buck and pay for a breeding. It is a much better way to go unless you have a lot of goats.


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