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I have 5 Nigerian dwarf goats and a few weeks ago or so we noticed a lump on the side of on of their mouths so we caught her and notice another one right under her jaw.
We have been reading up cl and decided to stick a needle in it and pulled out some puss.  The hair is also missing on the spots. Do you think it could be cl? And if so what is the best way to handle
The situation as we are first time goat owners.

What did the puss look like?  If it was cottage cheese looking it most likely is CL, if it was yellowish and toothpaste in consistency then it is puss from an abscess/infection.  A veterinarian can also send in a sample to test for CL. For CL precautions the goat should be quarantined from other goats until the opened lump/abscess heals.  How large are these lumps?  Is the goat otherwise eating and drinking okay?  Let me know - Donna


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