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I hope you maybe able to assist me.
I have a female Nigerian Dwarf goat 14 months old, approx 40 pounds. Friday May 30 she was acting very strange, by that evening she was showing all signs of Listeriosis and had a temperature of 105. I only had Pen-G so I gave her 4 cc through out the night (6 hrs). Saturday morning I started 2cc of Thiamine, 4cc Pen-G (every 6 hours) and 1 dose of LA200 (2cc). I continued this until Monday. At that time she was more vocal, still walking in circles at times, still blind, her temperature had gone down a little, but she was no where near lethargic as she was Friday and Saturday . Tuesday and Wednesday I gave her AM/PM dose of Thiamine, & LA200. She has also been receiving 500ml of IV fluid once a day since Saturday. Tuesday night and Wednesday she has been very vocal and hungry!!!!!! I gave her some leaves Tuesday , and she was nibbling on some grain. Wednesday I ended up pulling everything out of her mouth, she CAN NOT swallow. Thursday morning she is out there screaming for food.

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Cheryl Lea

Had she not been eating prior to Friday May 30th?  Does not sound like listeriosis as this usually does not come with a fever.  The fever of 105, which is extremely high - anything over 102.5 is a fever - can cause walking in circles and blindness symptoms.  Are you giving the penicillin intramuscularly?  Never give two antibiotics at the same time as they cancel each other out.  During any antibiotic therapy the goat also must have probiotics or the rumen will suffer.  

Glad you have her on thiamine, which should be given twice a day until she is eating again.  Would start back on penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight given twice a day for 7 days intramuscularly.  She also needs probiotics, either powder, yogurt or other every day.  The blindness and not being able to swallow can come from polio, which is always a secondary disease due to not eating.  It is possible she has a throat abscess that is causing the issues.  Would not give her anything currently that she has to chew.  Would make a mush from rabbit alfalfa pellets ground up in a blender mixed with cooked human oatmeal cereal and either molasses or other sugar type syrup added, add electrolytes (I like pedialyte type) until liquid enough to orally drench slowly, keeping her head tilted up gently to allow the liquid mush to go down her throat.  Not being able to swallow other items such as leaves does not preclude her from swallowing liquid.  Do this two to four times a day at about 1/2 cup of mush each time.  Is she peeing and pooping currently? Would also give aspirin for the fever - this is human aspirin - one 325 mg aspirin per 75 pounds body weight, crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and given orally - give every 4 to 6 hours until the fever breaks, which is usually within 3 doses.  Would again keep up with the penicillin instead of the LA200 (this does not hit many bacteria and is a very slow acting antibiotic), but if you continue the LA200 it must also be given intramuscularly to be effective.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna


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