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Hello Ms. Donna,
Once again thank you for all your help regarding Tulip. She seems to be doing much better.  She is eating, drinking, peeing and having normal bowel movements.  Unfortunately she still does NOT have her sight.  I have one more dose of Dex. to give her tomorrow. That will be her 3rd dose of 1cc. My question is where do I go from now?  Do I continue the B1, and Pen G? Will she get her sight back?  
Thank you again
Cheryl Lea

Thanks for the update.  Glad she is better.  The blindness sometimes takes weeks.  I would continue with human B complex with B1 (thiamin) giving 5 tablets of B complex, crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and given orally twice a day for another 7 days.  Would continue with the penicillin for at least 7 days and if you want could go 10 days as long as she is on probiotics too.  Hope this helps - Donna


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