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Goats/cheesy gland or what???


one of my goats has a rather large lump under/along her jawline, between her neck and jaw. i think it might be cheesy gland. or, iodine deficiency. These are not our goats, they are just there to keep our pasture down. i cannot really afford a vet! if it is really serious i might have to-i will do anything i can!
please help!
(i want to be a veterinarian & this is probably good practice!;)

If the lump is only on one side this is either CL (caseous lymphadenitis)which causes "cheesy gland" that comes from the contents looking like cottage cheese or it is an abscess.  Iodine deficiency most always is on both sides of the neck below the jawline so doubt that. Does the goat otherwise look healthy, seem to be eating and drinking well? Some times when goats are eating browse they pick up stickers that can get embedded in the inside area of the mouth and throat and cause an abscess.  If the lump is tense/tight you could open it using a large bore needle - 16 gauge works well - if the contents are cottage cheese in consistency then it is most likely CL, but once opened then the possibility of a fly or mosquito may pick up the virus and transfer it to closer goats.  If the lump is not bothering her (she is eating/drinking and not running a fever - over 102.5 temp) then you could just watch and wait.  If it were CL then the goat needs to be quarantined until the opened lump has dried up/no more drainage.  If it were an abscess and the goat is not well then an injectable antibiotic (penicillin works well) is needed.  Hope this helps - let me know.  Donna  


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