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Hello, we have an Alpine doe who kidded for the first time over 2 months ago. We've been milking her since her kid was 2 weeks old and all was going well. She is about 1 1/2 years old, vaccinated, healthy and well. About 3 days ago, when my husband was milking her, he noticed the top of her milk bag was hard on the right side. The udders are not affected in any way. Milk is fine, the area is not hot, and it doesn't appear to hurt her at all when we handle it. There is a lot of swelling, and the hard spot on her milk bag is about the size of my hand!! What can this be? What can we do for her? At first we thought it might be a reaction to a bee sting, but it's just not going away. It's not getting worse either. Just staying put. Any advice?

Is she eating and drinking well? Is she peeing and pooping well? Generally for mastitis the symptoms of hardness start at the teats and work their way up each udder size.  Does the swelling seem to be superficial/skin or does it seem thicker as if going into the top of the udder area?  Is there discoloration to the area of swelling? This could be an allergic reaction to an insect bite or other irritation for which Children's Benadryl at 1 teaspoon per 100 pounds body weight two times a day could help.  This could be a superficial infection from an injury or insect bite for which an injectable antibiotic would help.  This could be a subacute mastitis focused to just the one area of the udder for which injectable antibiotics would work.  Does the swelling seem hard to touch or soft, any papules/blisters on the skin about it?  Let me know - Donna


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