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I have a 5 year old previously healthy goat. Struggling to breath through mouth.Making a strained noise while breathing. no diareah ,no nose discharge or eye, no coughing.Short labored breath. Feels a little warm. No frothing at mouth. Hydrated. Only stands up. Does not appear to have bloat.Has more of a wheezing sound from head area
Has been eating bahia grass with tall forked seeds.Live in Tampa Bay area and have had lots of rain and humidity.Have given antibi otics. Seems worse in the heat of the day. Has a open covered shelter. In heard with here 2 6mo. doelings and 18 other does in a large field. No known poison plants in field. Started panting and
short breath worse. Need Help please. Alergy? Soon Please!

Was this sudden? Could she have been stung by a bee or something? I would check for that. Do you have epinephrine? You can give an injection of that, in case it is allergy. Worst it will do is make her heart race, etc. You should be able to get some at feed store. Another option is benadryl syrup. Give a teaspoon of that. If it is not an allergy, perhaps she has something blocking her throat, but I would expect frothing. You should call a goat vet. They usually will give advice over the phone. Let me know how she does and if these things work or do not work.


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