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Our goat had twins late Wed, and they were about 2 weeks premature. We took them away from mama and have been feeding them regularly every 3-4 hours. This afternoon they were doing good, and we left the house for a few hours. When we came back one of the babies was up to see us. When I picked the other one up, she just hung in my arms and seemed to have no muscle control, except to blink and swallow. She was also running a 104 temp. She has not been drinking as much as her sister, but we contributed that to the fact that she was much smaller. They both have been very weak and the other one is just beginning to stand on her own feet. They did not get wet at all, but they did get kind of chilled when they were first born. I don't know if it is pneumonia, or what it is. We gave her baby aspirin to bring down her fever, and her temp is normal now, but she is still just laying there. I would like to know what it is and how to treat it, if it is at all possible to save her. Also, should we feed her with the tube, and milk or electrolytes? Her heartbeat is really fast, and she her breathing is shallow. Please help. Thank you.

She may just be too young to survive. If you have vit e capsules break one open for each kid and feed it. Yes, tube feed electrolytes. You can Google homemade goat electrolytes for a recipe. Keep her warm. But realize that she is likely to die and you have done all you can. Good luck.


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