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Hi There Donna,
Missed talking with u, hows everything going with u & the goats.. Well as for me today was a SAD & HORRIBLE DAY, After my workout i was walking home & got attack by a PIT BULL! But LUCKILY i'm okay then went home to find my BELOVED HNRYETTA deceased. Okay i know she was old but i still miss her.. I really don't know what was wrong with her yesterday i gave her some duramycin anti & she seemed to perk her head up i'm not sure if she had some kind of respiratory illness i fed her some crushed up mealworms with warm water but she wasn't responding well..Even though with the loss i try to stay strong but its now HENRY that i'm concerned about b/c when HNRYETTA was sick HENRY never left her side they were usually going out & about being active digging the dirt looking for worms/bug dustbathing etc. just being happy birds but now it breaks my heart b/c HENRY keeps looking for her i don't think he realizes that shes gone, & i'm afraid he might go looking for another hen but i don't want him going anywhere so in your opinion do u think now that HNRYETTA is gone he'll be going away to look for another hen or will he continue to stay at home? Or do i need another hen? Sorry i know u don't know much about chickens only that u told me u did raise some before goats.. Its just so HARD & PAINFUL to hear HENRY mourning & crowing all hours of the day. CRYING.. I mean i can deal with her loss but i'm suffering for HENRY right now b/c i don't want him going elsewhere.. Maybe i'm just not meant to being a MOMMY to animals.. Thanks Donna any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Luv to u & urs & the goats...

Me, Migi & the Birds

HI there - nice to hear from you.  So sorry for the bad day.  So sorry about Hnryetta.  Unfortunately it is hard to tell what a chicken will do.  It is possible he may just stick around because he knows you feed him but if he hears other chickens he may just leave.  If you got another hen who knows if she would stay around or fly away.  I'm sorry I can't be more specific but it is hard to tell with chickens.  Hoping you have a better day - again, good to hear from you - love to you and remembering Migi - Donna


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