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My young doe (2 yrs) just gave birth last night for the first time. I stayed up with her till midnight and not much was happening so I came inside and took an hour and half nap, went back out to check on her and she had just pushed out the last kid, all three were still in their birth sac , she was still laying down not up cleaning them. I had to break theirs sacs and only the last one survived, the other two had inhaled the amniotic fluid after the cord had broke at delivery.  Is this common for the sac not to break open on delivery and other than me being there to assist what else could I have done? I feel terrible for not being there to break the sac and get them breathing.

Sorry to hear of the loss.  Unfortunately first time kidders sometimes just don't have the ability to be a good mom and so once they deliver they don't do anything else.  If the doe delivers laying down then there is no "impact" to tear open the sac(s) and thus the kid got suffocates/drowns.  Not much else that can be done except to be there - I know you feel terrible but I also know it can be easily tiring during kidding season.  To help me on my tired days (after getting out of work, working on the farm, and then it's kidding time), I put a baby monitor in the kidding stall so when I am at the house resting I can still hear what is going on at the barn - the sounds could be anything from the doe moaning/groaning to the doe pawing the ground.  Hope this helps for the future - Donna


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