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Goats/Doeling has stopped eating grain


Hi - my 4 month little Nu-Pine has been refusing her evening grain for the past several days.  I've read most of the posts on this site and another dealing with "goat stopped eating grain" and none of the situations really seem to match. She was a bottle baby...just finished weaning her last week... Interestingly, just before this behavior started!  She is a voracious grazer #we have grasses and lots of brush#, but pretty picky re: anything else. She was slow to accept grain, but has been eating adequately for about 2 months.  Physiologically, her stools are normal, she's drinking water, her energy is great and her eyelids are deep pink.  She sometimes droops her tail carriage, but most of the time she carries it well up.  I haven't taken her temp #plan to do that's midnite as I'm writing this!#.  She's no more or less vocal than usual #she's a very vocal little girl...has been all her life#.  I normally feed Purina #non-medicated#. I was planning to transition to another feed this week, but I've put that off for now due to this.  All I can get her to eat #other than her grazing and foraging# is her occasional apricot treat #no more than 2-3 dried apricots 1x-2x daily# and also kelp meal mixed with brewer's yeast.  She goes ape over this mixture unless I mix it into her grain, in which case she will barely touch it. Go figure!  As I said, her energy is great, but I'm not happy with her overall condition.  She seems to be falling off.  Whereas she was growing well and looked pretty good, her growth has slowed. Right now I'd rate her body condition as "2".  I'm new to goats...she is one of three.  The other two (a 4 month buckling and a mature, bred doe) are doing great and eating everything I throw at them!  I realize this has been a bit wordy, but I wanted to give you as many details as I could.  Any suggestions?   PS: the photo shows her about 3 weeks ago.

First of all I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I did not receive this until today.

There is no need to feed grain to a dairy goat kid and it sounds like she knows this. I feed  grain only to pregnant and lactating goats, and possibly a little in the winter when my bucks are in rut and lose so much condition.

I didn't get the picture, for some reason.

On another note, my goats hate pelleted feed, which I know is what Purina is. I would recommend that you try the new feed for her (assuming that it is something in more its natural state) if you still want her to have grain. You can give unsalted peanuts in the shell as treats, which will add a little fat.

It sounds like she is fine otherwise and dairy goats are supposed to be on the lean side. Another thing that people use to put weight on goats is hydrated beet pulp. I have stopped this because beets are so heavily GMO now, but if that is not a concern, then it is a good way to add some carbs to the diet.

Good luck with her!  


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