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QUESTION: my older buck and my younger buck developed a belly, they are not bloated its just they have a belly and it doesn't look good. plus they are not skinny or anything like that. how do i make their body uniformed so it looks good. i dont know if it has anything to do  with nutrition.

ANSWER: Sometimes parasites will cause a goat to have a belly. Have you had a fecal analysis done? What is their diet? Do they get goat minerals? How are their coats? I need to know more to be able to answer your question.

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QUESTION: they are grazing right now, i give them lil bit of alfalfa every once a while and they get some corn and goat feed but not all the time tho.and if i wanted to feed them how many times a week of alfalfa and feed. their coat looks good

Not sure if this was a question or just info. Are they meat or dairy goats? If dairy, they do not need any corn or goat feed. They need a regular mineral block or loose, though. If their coats look good, then maybe it is just their rumen you are seeing. One more thing you can do is to check the bottom of their eyes and/or their gums to see whether they are pink or pale. It could be a worm problem developing, in which case they would be pale and the goats need to be dewormed.


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