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QUESTION: my older buck and my younger buck developed a belly, they are not bloated its just they have a belly and it doesn't look good. plus they are not skinny or anything like that. how do i make their body uniformed so it looks good. i dont know if it has anything to do  with nutrition.

ANSWER: Are they up to date on worming? What type of hay are they eating? Are they getting any grain? A belly generally means they have worms and/or are not getting enough protein.  Let me know - Donna

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QUESTION: they are grazing right now, i give them lil bit of alfalfa every once a while and they get some corn and goat feed but not all the time tho.and if i wanted to feed them how many times a week of alfalfa and feed

ANSWER: Grazing can give goats and other livestock "hay bellies", but grazing is good as to nutrition for goats.  Would get them wormed if they have not been lately.  Do you have a regular worming regimen you use?  If not, I would be happy to give you the one I use.  Re alfalfa, I never give alfalfa to my bucks or wethers as the calcium is high in it and this can cause urinary calculi in bucks and wethers.  Also, goat feed that is designed for dairy goats (dairy goat chow, etc.) is also not good for bucks and wethers as it has the incorrect calcium to phosphorus ratio and that too can cause urinary calculi in them.  What does their poop look like?  - pellets or dog poop like or?  Thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: yes please give me the regimen that you use for worming and the types of dewormers that i should use. also at what age should i start breeding the upcoming doelings. and we have had couple of issues with anemia/bottle jaw. thank you

I use an every 2 month worming regimen.  I use oral horse wormers, one is called Safeguard (has fenbendazole in it) and the other is Zimectrin (has ivermectin in it) but you can use generic oral horse wormers with the specific wormers in them. You use the goats body weight and double it and then set the lock on the next higher measurement on the plunger, give that orally to the goat.  In 2 months time you use the other wormer in the same way.  You switch back and forth between these two wormers and they are effective against all goat worms as well as being okay for goats of all production, starting at age 2 months.  If you have smaller/lighter goats in weight (plunger measurement starts at 250 pounds) you can use 1/2 inch of the wormer paste on your finger and put that in the kid goats mouth (over the tongue) for up to 15 pounds body weight, 1 inch for up to 40 pounds body weight.  What breed of goats do you have? Do you still have issues with anemia in your herd?  Let me know - I will get back to you with answers to the other questions.  Thanks - Donna  


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