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Hi, so this is the second time my goat has gotten pregnant. And by the same dad..( jumped the fence! ). She is smaller this time, but should be having babies in about 2 weeks! Last time she was very fat and round, and you could tell the time was close! She is skinny this time and her udder is not very big..She got pregnant as soon as she could, which was about 3 weeks after she gave birth to the first batch! She had 3 the first time, in case that's helpful! :) Also why I think it should be two weeks is because when he jumped the fence when we we moving goats and I could not get up there in time. We only have 1 doe, and a doeling. And 1 dad, I don't want there to be allot of babies because I would hate to have to sell them, which is what I would do with the others..and keep one. Anyway, my question is, what could be happening? Thank you!

It could be that she lost one or two babies and they absorbed so she would not be as big.  Is her udder larger than when you dried her up from last kidding? What do her pelvic ligaments feel like? When did she wean off her kids from the last time? Did you see any discharge over the days after he was in with her? It is possible she is not pregnant.  Let me know re the questions - thanks - Donna


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