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We have a pregnant doe of which has mastitis...she was on the road to recovery when she decided to go through a barbed wire fence and ripped an upside down V shaped gash in her teat. The same of which has the mastitis. Any suggestion on what to do? We have since stitched her up...but not sure what we can do for the mastitis without using antibiotics which may in turn be harmful for the kid... We live in the boonies with no vets around please advise!

How far along is she. I think you have no option but to use the antibiotics, especially in light of the fact that she now has an injury. I am a believer in hot compresses to aid in healing and break up udder congestion. I would apply to the udder several times a day. The most common nonprescription used in the USA is oxytetracycline. You give 5 ml/100 lbs SQ every 48 hours. This is given to pregnant does in cases where other does have aborted and there is fear of an infection, so is safe to give during pregnancy.


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