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Goats/Puss from disbudding


Pussing disbud
Pussing disbud  

I disbudded 3 boys yesterday, they are 9 days old.  All three finished about the same after the procedure, but the youngest started pussing today and isn't healing over-see photo.  We've cleaned the wound with warm water and hydrogen peroxide since.

The goats are kept in a yard with chickens that are infested with mites.  The kids have them on their ears and are frequently scratching, which makes me think the have disturbed their wound.  

Any advice moving forward? Things to watch out for?

This looks like the disbudded areas are infected (thanks much for sending the photo).  Would start the kid goat on 1/2 cc of intramuscular injection of penicillin twice a day for 3 days - penicillin is available at most feed stores, over the counter.  Use of 22 gauge 1/2 inch needles works best on little ones.  Use the rear thigh muscle, you do need to draw back on the plunger just a bit once the needle is in to be sure you are not in a vein (blood would come into the barrel immediately if that were the case), some goats are allergic to antibiotics in their veins.  He will also need to have the disbudded areas cleansed twice a day - hydrogen peroxide works well - let dry and then add some antibiotic coverage - I would use something like NFZ puffer (also available at the feed stores) - which is an antibiotic powder you "puff" onto the wounds.  If you cannot find NFZ puffer you can use BluKote or another antibiotic cream or spray.  

You are most likely correct about the scratching causing the infection - would dust the kids with a livestock or horse mite dust - just put the powder all over their body - keeping away from the eyes - you can also make a paste from the powder and put that on the ear areas, just put it on and let it dry.  Usually one application of the powder will take care of the mites on the goats.  You can also use the powder on the chickens.  

Hope this helps - Donna


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