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Goats/sinus infection


I have several kids (5-6 months old) that have runny noses, coughing, no fever,  The discharge is milky white.  They cough more when they are at rest than running around. I have tried homeopathic remedies and even human sinus spry and it doesn't alleviate the problem.  This has lasted several months and I need to sell them, but hesitate because of the sinus problem.  There is no local vet that treats goats.  Can you give me any suggestions.  Thank you.

Do you have dusty hay or another dust that may be causing it? Some people use benadryl syrup for this kind of problem. The dosage is from 2-5 ml for kids. I would suggest trying that to see whether it makes a difference. You can also try echinacea or vitamin C. The author of the section on coughing goats in Goat Health Care recommends both.

Good luck on getting it cleared up.


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