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Hi Donna , how are you ? I picked up a couple Boer doelings from the same farm , and both have watery eyes . It flows continuously to the point one girl gets puss build up . At a loss to know what this is or how to treat it . I am guessing it is contagious where the 2 came from the same place from different moms and at different times . Can you help ? I do have Polysporin on hand , buts that's it , I have that blue spray also .

Hi there - I would say it is a chronic infection or an allergic reaction.  Would treat for infection -  the polysporin is that the eye ointment you have?  I like to use NFZ puffer to puff into their eyes twice a day for 5 days.  Usually that takes care of any infection.  You can also try treating with children's benadryl to help with possible allergies - to dust in the hay is a possibility. Hope this helps. Donna


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