QUESTION: i found this really healthy goat in the herd that has an Abscess and its under her ear on the back of her Jaw and i think it might be CL, and i don't know whether to treat or just cull it. also what is the dose on the Zimecterin paste and Safe-Guard paste for goats and how often should i dewrom. GOD Bless

ANSWER: How large is the abscess?  Is the skin around it tense enough so you could lance it easily?  You can use a large bore needle (16 or 18 gauge) to stick the abscess in the center.  If the contents come out looking like cottage cheese then the abscess most likely is CL but if the contents comes out like toothpaste it is most likely from an infection.  Would check it out before you cull an otherwise healthy/good conformation goat.

When using Zimectrin and Safeguard pastes you use twice the weight of the goat to find the dosage - this is generally for adult goats as they weigh enough to use the measurement on the plunger.  Otherwise for kid goats you can use 1 inch of the paste for up to 50 pounds weight and 2 inches up to 100 pounds of body weight.  Hope that helps.  Donna

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QUESTION: its not big and its very soft i can lance it. the goat looks amazing thats why i'm asking before i do anything

Definitely would check it before culling.  The other issue is that even in a "CL" negative herd CL can pop up because flies that have landed on open CL lumps can easily transfer the virus to other goats up to 100 miles away.  If the goat is in good condition and good lumbar score that generally rules out CL being a big issue.  But each of us needs to make that decision if it comes to that.  Hope that helps.  


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