i found this really healthy goat in the herd that has an Abscess and its under her ear on the back of her Jaw and i think it might be CL, and i don't know whether to treat or just cull it. also what is the dose on the Zimecterin paste and Safe-Guard paste for goats and how often should i dewrom. GOD Bless

The only way to verify it is CL is to have a sample sent to a lab. You need to isolate her so they others do not get infected if it bursts. You can get a good idea by what the pus looks like. Bad-smelling pus is bacterial; CL is very thick and cheese-like. You cannot cure it and they can also have it in the lungs.  These are the things you need to consider in culling.

I only deworm at the beginning of breeding season for the bucks and right after kidding for the does. Otherwise, I look at fecals or send them to a lab to determine whether there is a worm problem. Dose for pastes is 2 x the cattle dose by weight. You will have to estimate the weight, but neither of the dewormers you mention are easy to overdose them on.

Hope this answers your questions.


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