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We moved our goats about 900 miles last weekend. They have been in a barn, in stalls, since we arrived. We have been working on their area to be sure it is goat proof. Today one of our does (6 yr old) was looking a little off when I headed to town. When I got home she was dead with foam coming out of her nose. My best guess is pneumonia (or maybe bloat). The other goats seem fine. They are going outside in the a.m. as my daughter and I will finish their pen before anything else tomorrow. Have you ever seen this? What do you think it was?

I am so sorry about your doe. That must have been a huge shock. Is there any chance she could have gotten into some grain? Bloat from excess grain will do this. Did you move to a new place? The only other things I can think of are some kind of respiratory blockage from eating something that stuck in her throat, or rat poison. Is there any chance there could have been some in the stalls?  I have not seen an adult doe die so quickly of pneumonia, although the stress of travel and throw off their immune systems.

I would probably take temps on others and watch them closely, in case it was something stress-related. Also you may want to give some fortified vitamin B injections and probiotics just to keep their rumens at peak performance.  


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