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QUESTION: My goat just gave birth. She is breathing heavily and foaming from mouth. And is very weak. I gave her water and feed. She drank some but will not eat. What should I do?

ANSWER: Did she have a hard time with the birth? Was she otherwise in good health before the kidding?  How is the kid/kids? Are her gums gray or light pink? Is she sitting up for you?  Is she able to stand?  If she had a hard birth she could be bleeding internally.  Did she pass her placenta? Would give her some electrolytes orally.  Let me know about my questions and I will get back to you. Donna

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QUESTION: Her kids are healthy and jumping around. I didn't see her placenta but she stood up for a minute or so and will not anymore. Her head just dangles and she is very weak. Her gums seem normal. She has been wormed and everything. But she breathes hard. I'll try electrolytes. Anything else to try?

Are you sure she has no more kids inside? Is she having a bloody discharge at all? Were you there for the birth? The breathing hard can be due to over exertion, loss of blood, or an illness.  Would start her on vitamins (human kind is fine - one tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, and cooled and given orally twice a day; would also give her lots of warm molasses water (to help with possible exertion).  She could have internal bleeding (you would not see as a discharge) and that is the cause - one of the kids could have damaged her inside while kidding.  You could also give her vitamin K (human kind - 2 tablets crushed and dissolved in a little hot water - give now and again in 1 hour) - this can help if there is internal bleeding. Give her warm electrolytes or even warm lemonade or other sweetened drink to help with her energy and possible dehydration from kidding.  Would take her temp is you have a thermometer.  Hope this helps - let me know.  Donna


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