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Hi. I have a 6 month old alpine doe that has been acting off the last few days. When I noticed this, going off by herself, laying down a lot and standing kind of hunched, I started giving her probiotics and electrolytes. Now she can't get up, if she tries her front legs give out. So I gave her b vitamins and more probiotic. She is drinking electrolytes like crazy. Her mouth feels cold to the touch, I do not have a thermometer to take her temperature with. She has pink lower eyelids. She did get out the other day and was eating a lot of crabapples. Not sure if it is bloat, her entire middle looks a bit bigger than normal. Should I give her milk of mag? I do not have any mineral oil. Please help, she was bottle fed and we like her very much. Hate to see her like this.

Thank you for your time.

What is her temperature measurement? This could be as simple as constipation for which mineral oil is best, although milk of mag would help.  Have you seen her pee and poop?  If pooping, is it normal pellets?  She could also easily have a pneumonia for which injectable penicillin at 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day for 5 days would help - penicillin is over the counter at feed/farm stores - use of a 22 gauge 1/2 inch needle is best - this is an intramuscular injection - have you given these before.  Let me know about the peeing and pooping and if you have take a temperature.  I will get right back to you. Donna  


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