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Goats/lump on pygmy goats left side


Hi there. I have a 2 year old pygmy (fixed) who is generally really healthy. I just recently found a lump on his left side of his stomach just in front of the area where his back leg meets his stomach. I found it while I was scratching his belly and back.  I can move the mass back and forth under the skin.  It is about 3 inches long and about the width of 2 fingers, maybe a little less. He just had his immunizations earlier this week by our vet so he does have a bit of swelling at the injection site...but this is back farther.  I have to push a little to feel it.  Not sure if there is a ligament in that area?  He went off of his grain a few days ago but is now eating it again.  He has continued to eat and drink ok.  He is urinating and pooping fine and lots of ruminating. I am not sure if he was butt in the side by another goat. It seems to bother him now when I try to examine him,  he has been spending more time away from the others.  I may be over worrying but any ideas you may have will be appreciated.

are you sure the vet did not give the subcutaneous vaccination in that spot or close to it?  These are the usual symptoms of an incorrectly given subcutaneous injection.  If this is in a close line to the injection site the lump you are seeing could be an infection/abscess. What is his temperature?  Anything over 102.5 indicates a fever and an infection.  The fact he went off his grain also points to a fever.  His not spending time near the others also can indicate he has an infection.  You could drain the abscess yourself by taking a large bore needle - 16 or 18 gauge and place the tip into the lump.  You can also just start him on injectable intramuscular penicillin - over the counter at most feed stores - use a 20 gauge 3/4 inch needle.  Use the rear thigh muscle of each leg - dose is 3 cc per 100 pounds body weight twice a day.  Have you given intramuscular injections before? As an aside I give all injections including vaccinations intramuscularly - much safer, easier and rarely if ever causes an infection.  Hope this helps - let me know - Donna

I also should have added that if this is an abscess it is possible the goat could have been poked with something sharp or had an injury to that area that caused the abscess.  Donna


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