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QUESTION: Nigerian Dwarf doe 3 years old never been around a buck or wether for that matter before .She sort of looked to be in heat cycle 5 days ago sept. 13th and that day I saw 2 different bucks mount and actually penetrate her (for only a second or two) probably 5 times between the two bucks.
  Now here we are today five days later she is mounting one of the bucks flagging her tail at him only and rubbing and pawing him. I have watched him try to mount her and he seems too short (he wasn't too an 5 days ago) he actually kind of fell.
  Should I assume she was or was not bred 5 days ago?
Also if she was not then, but is now in estrus could some of the sperm from mating 5 days ago still be alive and fertilize now?

ANSWER: That is called short-cycling. She may or may not be pregnant. The sperm from 5 days ago would not be alive. If she could get bred again, that would be ideal, just in case she was not impregnated. Make sure you record all the breeding dates. If she does not come into heat in either 16 or 21 days she is most likely bred. If she does, be ready to have her bred again.

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QUESTION: Thank you, I have kept them together and he is just as interested as she. Though why would he not be able to mount her today when she is asking for it when I clearly saw him do it before. In the barn there are platforms for beds and or play. Will he and shefigure out on their own to use this to make him taller? ( I know some dogs do)

I am sure he will be able to do it again. It may be that she is not really in heat, and was not cooperating enough for him. We hand breed ours, so we sometimes have the doe or buck on a leash and lead them to an area where she is lower. I suspect she is already bred.


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