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QUESTION: Just following up w/ the little Nigi I have been trying to get temp down. I gave him asprin again ( abt 2 hrs ago) and also gave penicilan. He doesnt seem to be doing good at all. I did get him to take a few drinks of milk and Karo but he just stands there like he was ealier today. He lays in his cage and just squeks ( dont really know how to explai)  Is there anything I should do??

ANSWER: It sounds like he has a bad infection - at this point just keeping up on the penicillin and aspirin is a good start.  His squeaks are probably from discomfort.  Is he having chills at all - shaking all over? If you can keeping him next to you so he feels warmth and comfort may help.  Does he seem to have trouble breathing at all?  You could give him a little children's benadryl - only about 1/2 cc twice a day - this can help allowing him to breath a little better.  This also will make him sleepy.  I would also suggest, and know it is late now so you might not be able to get these items tonight - I give all my newborn kids selenium with vitamin D and E, this helps with muscle strength and immune strength - his size would get 1/4 of a 200 mcg tablet of selenium crushed and dissolved in a little hot water and to that add two drops of vitamin D (400 IU works) oil and two drops of vitamin E (1,000 IU) oil, mix well, cool and give as an oral drench - I use a small syringe - I do this at birth and again in 2 days.  Also, to help keep him hydrated you can give him pedialyte type infant electrolytes - again use a small syringe.  Do hope this helps - again, please do feel free to call me at 360-742-8310 anytime day or night with questions if you'd like to - Donna

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QUESTION: I do not have sellinium but did order it today. I gave him benedryl and we will see what happpens. He really isnt interested at all, keeps swirling his head around and you can tell he is sick in the eyes.

ANSWER: Selenium is an over the counter mineral that many drug stores carry.  The swirling of his head sounds like his fever may be higher.  You can use a cold wash cloth and place it on his head and on his chest and tummy to help bring the fever down.  Hope that helps - Donna

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QUESTION: So we have made it thru the night, Asprin every 4 hrs and constant fever. @ 6am he was really hungry so I did get him to eat abt an ounce or more. Checked temp last @ 4am and it was over 103 when he squirmed out of my arms and I didnt have the heart to try again.  My next thing is that his eyes are almost shut, very watery and kind of looks like a blind persons. I took a couple pics to help u understand and to see what we can do

Great job getting him through the night.  Would keep up with the aspirin.  Hoping the penicillin will kick in today and start fighting the bacteria.  You can give him vitamin C and vitamin D to help his immune system too - about a half pinch of a vitamin C tablet crushed and two drops of vitamin D oil, mix, and give orally.  Glad he ate a bit for you.  Re the eyes this is usually a secondary infection to the other infection - this conjunctivitis/infection of the eye is usually also treated with the penicillin.  Would keep with the penicillin at 1/2 cc each injection but might also give a mid day one today if he is not improving by mid day.  For the eyes a good extra antibiotic for those are either terramycin ointment or NFZ puffer - both usually are available over the counter at most feed/farm stores.  I like the NFZ puffer as you just have to open the eyelids and "puff" twice into each eye.  But either works.  You can clean the eyes out with either warm water/washcloth (don't reuse the washcloth for people) or you can use human eye drops (the dry or red eye type) to rinse them out.  Thanks for keeping me posted.  Hope this helps.  Thanks so much for the photos - always makes it easier to see what is going on, and, by the way, he is a cutie!  Would watch his sister - if she stops eating would start her on the same regimen.  The eye infection probably will not bother her if she is otherwise without infection.  Is mom still doing well?  Donna


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