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Goats/baby goat with swoolen leg


Have a nigi doe who is 7 days old. I put her in w/ 3 week old doe this morning for a bit and the 3 week old was a little rough. Took out the younger one and now I notice her favoring one leg. One knee feels warm and a little swollen. What can i give her and could it be anything other than being hurt while w/ the other oat?

Did she have her umbilical cord dipped in iodine just after she was born?  If not, it is possible this is not an injury but a joint infection (navel infection is what it is called and this goes to the joints).  Would take temp if possible.  If the temp is over 102.5 then that would indicate an infection and not an injury.  If a temp would start on penicillin injectable.  If normal temp and expect this is just an injury would give low dose aspirin for a few doses.  Is she otherwise drinking her bottle okay? You can put a stuffed animal in with her as a "friend".  Hope this helps - Donna


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