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Our doe decided to kid off by herself, near the woods.  We were getting ready for work, it was dark, we heard screaming. A possum had grabbed a newborn and was dragging it off.  We got the baby and it had a deep laceration on it.  Flushed it, antibiotic, and we're bottle feeding it inside.  Is it possible for it to develop symptoms of tetanus within 48 hours?  She was doing well, but this morning she's screaming, and her head is all the way back, can't hold it normally.  No lock jaw, no other symptoms that I can see.  But, she's two days old, no time for anything, she literally was doomed when she hit the ground it seems.  Given her wound, I know it's got to be tetanus, but thought we'd have more time to treat her.

Sorry for the delay in answering.  The current symptoms could be from the trauma just setting in.  Tetanus generally takes 10 days to show any symptoms, sometimes longer.  Treating with penicillin at 1/2 cc three times a day for 7 days and this must be given intramuscularly.  Keeping the laceration clean.  Giving her vitamin B complex to help with stress - this would be one tablet crushed and dissolved in a little hot water, give in three doses over the day for 3 to 4 days.  If you can would also give arnica montana which is a homeopathic remedy for trauma - she would get 2 pellets dissolved in a little hot water given twice a day for 2 to 3 days.  She can also have aspirin to help with pain, one 81 mg low dose tablet per 25 pounds body weight - crush and dissolve and give every 4 hours.  The head symptoms can also be from a fever - the bacteria that is in the laceration can overcome a newborn kid's body quickly.  Hope this helps - let me know - you're welcome to call me at 360-742-8310.  Donna

Just checking in to see how the little one is doing.  Keeping it warm and feeling secure usually also helps the shock.  Donna


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