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Just wanted to taouch base abt Nigi baby. He passed this morning, but was certainly a fighter. I know in my heart that I tried everything I knew to try. He refused to eat since last night and just kept seizing ( or what ever we call it)  The little girl seems to be doing good and will continue the sulmet for a couple days.
 I have 2 babies w/mom being kept in my father in law basement. It is pretty warm down there and today here it is abt 55 degrees. I thought they could use some fresh air for a bit so i took them outdoors to a pen w/ mom.  Going to put them back for the night because I know we are expecting below o temps tomorrow night.   They are week old and super healthy.  Do u think I messed up, or will they be sick?

Sorry to hear about the little guy.  You are correct though that you did everything that could have been done for him.  Glad the little girl is doing well.  Re the 2 babies with mom, as long as they seem healthy, hopping around, eating from mom, etc. they should be fine, and 55 is a a good temp to put them out in - you are correct that fresh air is good for them and it also helps their immune system strengthen up and acclimate to colder temps as they grow older.  If they look at all hunched up during the day would put them back into the house/basement.  Let me know - Donna


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