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Goats/Nigi doe follow up


QUESTION: Just wanted to touch base on the Nigi doe w/ temp. She is till running fever abt every other day  for some odd reason. Will be administering the 2nd dose of La 300 today.  Still limping a good bit ( mainly favoring one leg)  Went to town today and picked up needles. Completely out of 22 g, so I hope 20 will work better than 18!   Is there another place we can stick her instead of leg/hip area??

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  Yes, 20 gauge will work, certainly less tearing than 18 but still will tear a bit.  It is not the hip area you are injecting but only the thigh area which is well below either hips.  The thighs are on the rear legs, top portion, just as in our legs/thighs.  Some folks use the neck muscle on either side but that is not generally possible or safe in kid goats at all.  Is the fever a low fever or does it spike high, as past 104? She can still have aspirin.  Is she munching on hay at all?  If so would start her on some probiotics - human yogurt works fine/any flavor, add about 1/4 teaspoon to a little water to thin it, draw it up in a little syringe and give orally.  Is she otherwise drinking her bottle better?  Is she peeing and pooping okay?  How is her energy?  Hope this helps.  Thanks - Donna

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QUESTION: No her fever has not gone above 104 for a couple days. Had no fever all day yesterday and thru the night but this morning had one of 103.6.  So getting pretty high. Im still giving asrin just when needed. She is in a cage indoors so  cant do much in them. I try and let her out several times a day to run and play. Last bight she actually kicked up her feet and ran a little ( first time in days) today just walking kind of light footed ( rear legs hurting I assume) Is ppeing and pooping normal and appetite seems to still be good. Abt 2 ounces every couple hrs and occasionally a little more. She is very tiny so I think her tummy is very small. I still can not get her or the older ( 3 wk old) interested in hay or water. Put both, along w/ a little grain in pens but neither attempt to do anything w/ it. This is one reason why I hate raising bottle babies. They are not around others to learn and it is something they must figure out to survive.  I will give her another shot this evening and will give u an update in a day or 2 if nothing changes. Thank You so much

Thanks for the update.  Sounds like she is getting better, perhaps it is her immune system kicking in and working against the infection that causes the fever.  2 ounces sounds fine. I have raised premies before and they can only handle 1/2 ounce every 2 to 3 hours sometimes.  Re bottle raising and eating grain and hay and water, I have bottle raised all our kids born here for the past 27 years and have never had issues with getting them started on any of these - I don't offer until 4 to 5 weeks as their rumen is not developed until then.  Some kids just don't seem to want to eat grain or hay and I assume that is because their rumen, for some reason, is just developed enough to make their system want to eat.  Hope this helps - Donna


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