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QUESTION: Just a quick follw up of the little Nigi Doe who keeps running a fever. She isnt favoring her front legs at all now. We started her on La 300 this AM ( IM in the hip area) This afternoon we had temp of 102.4.  What is actually considered OK for her?  She does seem to be walking a little light footed ( on rear legs) Could it be from shots?  If so, is there another area that would work good?  Do we continue w/ meds twice daily for how long?

ANSWER: Thanks for the update.  IM should be given in the thigh area which is down from the hip area.  Re the temp normal for goats, anything over 102.5 is considered a fever, so her temp is certainly down a lot from where it was.  Re the dosing time period, I think on the previous e-mails I said one injection of LA300 every 2 days - this is a long acting antibiotic so stays in the system longer.  The walking light footed can be from the injections.  Are you using a 22 gauge 1/2 inch needle?  If larger than 22 gauge the needle is simply tearing the muscle/injuring the muscle.  Hope this helps - Donna

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QUESTION: Oh my!  I have been using 18 guage needle!! Have I really hurt her or will she recover?  I will pick up 22 needles tomorrow since I dont need to give her another shot for 2 days. She is still not real active but her appetite has picked up.

Yup, the 18 gauge needles are for cows and pigs and sheep.  It may take some time for her to heal up from the needles.  Also, the 1/2 inch needle lengths make it easier not to hit nerves or blood vessels.  Glad her appetite is better, that is most likely from the fever breaking.  I am in hopes that the LA300 will take care of things.  It is possible that if she is looking better, you may only need to give her one more injection in 2 days.  Donna

PS you may find that the smaller size needles make it a little harder to push in the LA300 but that's a good thing as you want to go slowly anyway.  


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