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She has clear discharge from her nose. She eating and drinking normally, and she is with the other goat we have. She's been like this for now like a week and he is fine, with none of the symptoms she has. I have given her a water mixture of VetRX(2 drops/ 1/2 gallon), Probiotics(10 grams/ 1/2 gallon) & a Vitamin and Electrolyte powder(1/8 tsp./ gallon). It is available to both goats. She is breathing regularly, and there is no rattling in her chest/ lungs. Thank you again. ~Lisa

Thanks for the update.  Has she been on any new hay that might be dusty?  Did you recently clean their shelter and bring up some dust?  The clear discharge usually is from a cold or an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction could be from dust - you could try some of the Children's Benadryl on her - use dosage on label as for children - I think it has the weight of the child as a base, if not let me know and I can give you a dose for her.  Usually a day or two of the Benadryl will help clear out dust or allergic particles.  Good idea on all you are giving her extra as this will all help her own immune system get charged up to work well.  

Hope this helps - Donna


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