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For the past 3-4 days I have seen one of my goats coughing, sneezing and has a runny nose. I took her temp today and it was about 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. What can I do as far as getting antibiotics from Tractor Supply? Thanks in advance!

Is the nasal discharge clear or another color? Is she eating and drinking normally?  Is she away from the other goats?  100.5 is a good temp.  Anything over 102.5 would indicate a fever/infection.  She could have a pneumonia though as sometimes pneumonia does not come with a fever.  You can certainly start her on antibiotics - you can use oral antibiotics or the injectable antibiotics, both of which are available over the counter (without prescription) at most feed/farm stores.  Oral antibiotics would include terramycin, tetraclycine, sulfa type, or duramycin.  Injectable would be LA200 or penicillin.  We do try not to give antibiotics unless the goat is exhibiting symptoms that could show worsening of the infection such as not eating, being away from the rest of the herd, shivering, etc.  Let me know about the questions above and also let me know what you would like to try for the goat as to antibiotics and I can give you the dosage.  Also, you can use vitamin D, C, zinc to help the goat's own immune system fight off a possible pneumonia or bronchitis.  You can also give children's benadryl to help with coughing.  Is she having trouble breathing?  Any "rattling" in the chest?  Let me know - thanks - Donna


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