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Goats/utter infection


after our boer doe had trips, the 1st one born dead, and the other two are doing great, with our assistance in feeding them.

our doe has a what is called a blue bag now, the utter is purple in color and very cold.  when being drained a purple color and some times bright red blood comes out.  I get about 3 to 4 oz when I milk her to do the teat injections.  She has a low temp of 100.2   the vet gave her two IV's which helped with appetite and she is now eating after 3 days.  

the birth was Dec 24th the utter was getting hard the night of the 25th.  we massaged and milked it, the morning of the 26th the utter was cold and purple. We started her on 3cc of penicillin, 2 cc Vit B, and probiotics.  We have done kayo syrup with goat milk and molasses and used a tube to feed her.  we have gave a shot of nufor, and banamine on the 28th and now using LA 300 3cc once a day for 5 days with banamine and probiotics and told not to mess with the utter it will do its thing.    on the 30th the vet came out and gave to IV's one was with Vit B and other stuff, the 2nd plain.   she does get up when we go out to feed the babies and drench her with a calcium mix we do up.   

we are told it is dead and that she will loose the utter.  She is leaking blood from the nipple, Is there anything we can do to help the process along

we feel helpless and there should be something more we could do.  I am going to do an epsom salt soak on her today hoping it will pull some gunk out.  and a cousin is bring up some oils to start on her.

With a blue/black and cold color/feel it does sound like the udder is gangrenous and will most likely die and slough off.  Not much you can do to "move the process along" but keeping her on penicillin - and this must be 3 cc/100 pounds body weight twice a day given absolutely intramuscularly (not subcu) for the time period until through 2 weeks after the udder sloughs off.  Keeping her in a small contained area will keep her from getting an infection as the udder sloughs/falls off.  During all this time she is on penicillin she also must be on probiotics - either paste, powder or human yogurt also works (2 tablespoons once or twice daily given orally - you can add some water to it to thin it out so you can draw it up in a syringe or other oral drencher).  You can use peppermint oil mixed with body lotion as the oil opens up the internal tissues of the udder and allows it to drain better.  I take it both sides of the udder are cold and dead looking.  Hope this helps - let me know - you are also welcome to call me at 360-742-8310 too.  Donna


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